Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Preventing and Avoiding the Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

As a communication tool that is needed today, mobile phone is an irreplaceable function by any technology. As a liaison person with one another, the phone also has a personal assistant who can facilitate every thing we do. But we need to know, that the mobile phone is also one of the technology tools that have very harmful radiation like other technological tools. By using radio waves shaped GSM or CDMA, the phone is going to always have a very high radiation. Especially if we are too active use telephone facilities like messaging, internet, call, chat and others. Radiation emitted by the cell phone is extremely dangerous and can cause a variety of dangerous diseases or damage to the organs and brain.

How to Avoid Cell phone radiation is indeed, not only can be done by minimizing the use of mobile phones. It did seem very difficult to do given the work activities of our daily communication needs are always busy and always used each time so that the dependence on mobile phones is very high. Understand what makes it more powerful radiation would also avoid us from the risk of cell phone radiation that is more severe. Some reduction or prevention of radiation waves emitted by mobile phones also we can do as early as possible before we get any harmful effects of mobile phone radiation.

For those of us who really care about health, must avoid the dangers of cell phone radiation will we be done as early as possible. But one thing that has always been our question is how to avoid the radiation?. Understand the matter, on this occasion we would like to try to explain some tips that we can use to avoid cell phone radiation that is very dangerous. with a body that is free of radiation from the cell phone, indeed the body tissue will be healthier and the risk of dangerous diseases can have the minimal state early as possible. Here are some tips that we can try to minimalize cell phone radiation.

1. Use the Headset When Making calls
Using additional devices such as headsets when we make a phone call to reduce extremely high radiation from the cell phone directly to the brain. The headset will make the center of the signal being away from our phones.

2. Limit The Mobile Phone Usage
Try to limit the use of the cell phone at any time. If we really can not get away from the phone, then keep him away while we slept would enable us to minimize excessive radiation from the cell phone.

3. Avoid Calling for Too Long
When we call for too long the dangers of cell phone radiation that would be stronger. Therefore, try to use the cell phone only the essential, especially when we communicate via cell phone.

4. Cell Phone with Specific RF under 1.6 watts / kg

Specific RF that is too high will make the radiation beam will be stronger than usual. Therefore choose a phone with a small RF Specific to limit incoming radiation to our bodies.

5. Do not Put the Cell Phone in the Body
By not constantly put it in a part of the body, the risk of prolonged cell phone radiation can be overcome. One way is to move them around from pocket to other media such as a table.

6. Studying the Cell Phone itself Before Buying
When we want to buy a cell phone, make sure to choose the cell phone radiation emissions that has info in it, with it we can control the radiation beam that more severe.

7. Stay away from people who making phone call
In order to not affected from our friends cell phone radiation, then stay away from them. This is the best way to avoid the radiation.

Some of the tips above can indeed help to avoid the danger of Cell Phone Radiation that often we didn't care of. By getting used to always have a healthy lifestyle and organized, and carefully manage the availability and the use of mobile phone. Surely a more severe risk to the Cell Phone Radiation can be prevented. Without any radiation, mobile phone can not work anything. By avoiding mobile phone also we will not be able to communicate with the loved ones. Therefore the most effective ways to minimize mobile phone radiation is to determine correctly the tips.

Source : http://tipsjitu.com/2013/04/mencegah-dan-menghindari-bahaya-radiasi-ponsel/

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