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Ways to Choose Eyeglasses According to Your Face Shape

Ways to Choose Eyeglasses According to Your Face Shape - fashion is seen from the use of glasses is very much in demand by some adolescent age group used glasses as a tool to look for people who have low vision, but this time no longer past due eye glasses as worn by some teenage as a style enhancer especially in our countries .

An eyeglasses can be said stylish is seen from the form of frames and lenses because not a few people who know the popular eyeglasses brands, they only see it from a good physical form as well as unique.

Before determining which glasses to use it better to us to recognize each other's face shape, because of the style we must also consider whether or not the glasses fit with our faces. Here are tips for choosing eyeglasses suit to your face shape :

1. Oval Face Shape
Oval face shape Has a characteristic with high cheekbones and chin are narrower than the forehead. Proportional to the actual size of almost all types of eyeglass frames according to face shape is. For the remainder of the face frame looking for the same or wider than the widest part of the face.

2. Round face shapes
Round face has the characteristic of a broad forehead, full cheeks and a round chin. Between the length and width of the face symmetrical. There is no corner in the face. For this face shape choose eyeglasses frames are firm with dark colors. Avoid small frames and frames with a circular motive underneath.

3. Like a Heart Face Shape
This facial characteristic with a wide forehead but a narrow chin. For this face shape should pay attention to the balance between face shape and eyeglass frames. Eyeglass frames should be no wider than the forehead, but wide at the bottom. Frameless models for example. Avoid colors are too dark because it can damage the facial lines. Russet and gray is a great color choice.

4. Rectangular face shape
A face with a wide forehead Characteristic, cheekbones and chin firm jaw bone width and clear. To extend the facial the choose of glasses frames that do not exceed the width of the face. Frame curve shape can reduce the angle face angle, for example, a frame with an oval shape or a classic cat eye

In addition to tips from above we also have to be good at adjusting eyeglasses with the color of clothing that we wear. Try to wear eyeglasses in accordance with the color matching clothes or not but it should look good so that no impression of "force" in styling. May this article be useful. - Ways to Choose Eyeglasses According to Your Face Shape

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