Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Easy Ways To Keep Your Youthful And Lovely Days

To look younger and looks cheerful is not enough only polished from the outside. For those of you who entered the age of 35 +, there are inexpensive and painless methods to look younger.
 Here it is :
1.       Not Being Greedy Eater


      The entry of excessive calories will affect the body's metabolism which can invite disease which then triggers the aging process.

2.       Balanced Dietary

      Begin on a balanced diet calories with the amount of carbohydrate around 50% -60%, 10% -20% protein, and fat 20% -30%. So the total needed about 1,500 calories each day.

3.        Keeping Your Body Weight

      For those who have the ideal weight, keep on guard your healthy body from the various of diseases.

4.       Salt Reduction


      Salt intake should be at least no more than 1 teaspoon per day. Eat lots of salt can cause high blood pressure and stroke.

5.       Eat Small Portions But Often

      Eat small meals every 4-5 hours can improve the metabolism of hormones in the body and the body can work more effectively so that the organs are not easily damaged.

6.       Drink Plenty of Water


      Drink water every day about 8 glasses a day is useful for improving blood flow that carries oxygen and energy to the organs of the body.

7.       Drinking Soy Milk


      Drink 1 cup of soy milk every day because they contain lecithin which to improve the process of cell regeneration so that your skin health always maintained.

8.       Eat a Lot of Fish

      Marine fish rich in omega 3 fats which reduce levels of triglycerides (fat) in order to prevent the narrowing of blood vessels. Consumption of fish 3 times a week.

9.       Two Glasses of Milk Per Day

Milk is the best source of calcium that beneficial to strengthen your bones so it will not make your bones porous easily and milk fat acids keep the skin moisture and smoothness.

10.   Eat Plenty of Vegetables


      When cooked, the vegetables will lose about 30% of vitamin C and 5% beta carotene, although both substances serve as a natural antioxidant that can protect body cells from free radicals. When you want to cook vegetables, cook briefly, try not to make the colour of vegetables to be dark.

11.   Do Not Antagonize Avocado

This fruit contains protein, carbohydrates, iron, beta carotene, vit.B complex and folic acid which are nutritious as well as soften and plumping your skin, nourish hair and protect skin from the sun ray.

12.   Reduce Meat

      Red meat contains evil substances (HCA) and free radicals that could potentially damage cells. Eat meat once a week or in a portion that is not excessive

13.   Eat Plenty of Fruits

Fruit role in maintaining balanced water in the body.

14.   Consumption of Broccoli

      Broccoli efficacious accelerate the healing process and prevent premature aging because it contains beta carotene and vitamin C.

15.   Avoid Canned Foods

      Get used to eat fresh food as nutrition has not been damaged.

16.   Inadequate Vitamin C Requirements

      Vitamin C is essential to ward off free radicals substances (toxins) in the body.

17.   Do Not Smoking

      Not only invite coronary heart disease, smoking is also a poison that makes the skin becomes dry and dull.

18.   Do Regular exercise



      Exercise will make circulation and oxygen supply to the body become fluent so that the skin becomes healthy and fresh.

19.   Sleep well



      A Good sleep at least 8 hours per day can keep you powered back after a day of activities.

May this “Easy Ways To Keep Your Youthful And Lovely Days” be useful to you,


  1. aduuh bhs inggris, gk ngerti ak wak wkwkwk

    1. translate it then, you can select your preferred language :)


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