Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Body is The Best Doctor

In the modern era supposedly called, which society considers it synonymous with healthy medicine and doctors, are increasingly far from understanding the meaning of health. It is actually poison the healthy mindset and paradigm in the community. Yet we all know that prevention is the best and cheapest doctor, and it can be done by the owner himself is our body, not a medicine or a doctor.

Given this fact, it appears an invitation to reflect and think about a concept slogan "back to nature", because of the belief that we can be a "doctor" for ourselves. Healthy can be obtained when we enjoy sleep soundly, can breathe with relief, feeling good and healthy food, as well as forming anticipatory lifestyle and healthy naturally oriented.

Immediately, we are guided to learn to communicate with the body that is a collection of magical cells, complex machinery and chemical weapons factory-made God. Also explained how the heart works as a pump that works magically 24 hours a day did not stop for a second, as long as we live. Then the lungs as air treatment consisting of a pair of organs throughout the body oxygen supplier. Not to mention the Liver / Heart as made ​​in God's sophisticated chemical factory, a warehouse and supplier of blood, detoxifying the blood sugar levels as well as regulators in order to obtain a balance between the energy source that is in synergy with the body's energy needs in the activity. Not to mention the kidney as a blood purifier as well as determining the balance of the body and the fluid, thus making it a source of life. And not least among them all is the brain, as a sophisticated computer that regulates the whole of God's creation work of every organ of the body without exception, even when we sleep.

That later became the positive signal of any organ of the body in regulating the body's metabolism as well as a working system in order to obtain a balance between the supply produced by the body with energy requirements for activity. How obtained? even the simplest of which is how to optimize the quality of sleep can mean healthy, because when the whole organ was repairing damaged cells. Not to mention the consumption of healthy foods are most easily processed by food processing machines in our bodies, namely Stomach, so it is no longer a major source of disease. And further strengthened by fasting therapy that can nourish the body as it gives pause for food processing machines to make improvements.

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