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Keeping Your Health in The Rainy Days

Keeping your Health in Rainy Days- Since now entering the rainy season although probably not evenly together. The arrival of the rainy season may indeed give freshness, especially when we've been through a torrid period in very long term. but be careful, there are many diseases lurking in the rainy season after continuously in dry the season. For example, food poisoning, cholera, flu, coughs, digestive problems, as well as dysentery.
People who suffer from diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and inflammation of the lungs are also more prone to the infection. therefore, it is essential to protect the health from the rainy season.
To the extent anticipated or guides that you can do to face the matter following which we attach it below :

1. Take care of your body fluids

During the rainy season, the sweat does not evaporate quickly due to high humidity levels and is avoidance about issuing body heat. by because of that, we recommend that you always carry a bottle of water.
Stay away from carbonated drinks because the drinks reduce the level of minerals that contribute to an effective stop enzyme and subsequently cause gastrointestinal problems. Instead, drink warm drinks like ginger tea. always drink water that has been cooked and cooled.

2. Eating foods with balanced

The digestive system become slow in the cold time, eat when hungry and only very cursory. eat when you are not hungry can lead to digestive problems and sometimes jaundice.
Vegetables like pumpkin, bitter herbs like turmeric can be rich in antioxidants and other benefits that can help avoid infection. also eat fruits like cherries, bananas, apples, pomegranate, plum, longan, pears, and vegetables like carrots, radish and fenugreek as the sides of your regular diet.
Herbs and spices like pepper, asafotide, turmeric, and coriander can increase the body's immune and digestive system by helping simultaneously.

3. Eating food is fresh and clean.

Make sure to clean all fruits and vegetables before eating time, especially leafy vegetables. leafy vegetables and steamed cauliflower to kill all the germs.
Consumption of freshly cooked food very recommended.
Soups and stews are also good to eat because the body readily digested and nutritious, yet filled.
Eat cooked food as a change that is not cooked vegetables and salad, if it is organic food.

4. Away from the source of the disease.

Exterminating mosquitoes during the rainy season that is about the most essential to avoid malaria.
The calm water area for mosquitoes lay their eggs.
dispose water from flower pots and coolers are not useful is a first step to control mosquito development.
After that, use cream and mosquito racket, that is in the market to make your protection from mosquito bites. you can also use camphor or cloves from your kitchen to avoid you from the insects like flies and termites during the rainy season.

5. Do not buy food from the outside

Eating outside, especially roadside eating should be avoided.
Snacks like sandwiches, fried foods, juices are very teasing in the rainy season, these foods may contain bacteria that cause digestive problems.

6. Stay away from the puddles

When your feet wet due to waterlogging, and immediately wipe dry with a towel.
Moisture can lead to fungal infections. if you have diabetes, you should keep your legs specialy. so keep shoes, socks, raincoats kept clean and dry during the time.

7. Exercise and rest during the rainy season

Drizzle in the morning and evening may interfere with regular exercise.
but it can be replaced with exercise at home. you can do most simple exercise like sit-ups, bent to stretch your muscles.
Yoga is another exercise that can be done in a room and can help reduce respiratory problems during the rainy season.
As well as if you are not interested in the middle of doing exercise, try with other activities like cleaning cabinets or clean the kitchen. However, stay away from too excessive physical activity. - Keeping Your Health in the Rainy Days.

What is your thought about this one ? i'm looking forward to your comment below :)

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