Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Go to Sleep Before Making Decisions

Go to Sleep Before Making Decisions - Unique, if we believe at this time to concentrate, discuss and share with the smart people before making a decision, then Feafum this time found an article that said that we ordered to sleep before deciding something. Based on research, sleep can improve complex cognitive skills such as decision-making in the case.
Rebecca Spencer

Rebecca Spencer and colleagues Edward Pace-Schott from the University of Massachusetts conducted a study to investigate the effect of sleep on the decision-making ability. They also use a gambling cognitive reasoning test based on 54 students aged 18-23 years.
Participants were divided into two groups. Then, the researchers gave a brief review of the gambling test will be given to the two groups in the morning or late afternoon. Brief review it only briefly so they may not understand the basic rules of the game. After that, participants were asked to return to see them within 12 hours to undergo the real test.

A total of 28 participants who received a brief review on the afternoon go home and go to bed the night as usual. While 26 other participants were shown a short review in the morning, come back after a day-to-day activities without a nap.

Participants who had slept showed better results. They can win the game in the gambling test four times more than the group of participants who did not sleep at all. In addition, they can also understand the rules of the game and can explain it well back when requested.

Spencer and his colleagues believe, the role of sleep in the decision-making lies in the core changes of cognitive or emotional processes. "Our suspicion is, the effect of an increase in decision-making is associated with the rapid-eye-movement (REM) while sleeping," the psychologist wrote in the Journal of Sleep Research online edition, recently.

Apparently, the advice of parents is true. Scientific studies also prove it. "There are benefits during sleep at night when we have to make an important decision the next day. Our study proves that sleep can help us make better decisions, "said Spencer. - Go to Sleep Before Making Decisions

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