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The World's Most Luxurious Prisons

The World's Most Luxurious Prisons - Interested to go to jail?
Many people who do not want to go to jail because of fear of treatment and facilities are very bad, but maybe you will think twice after seeing these super luxury prisons.

Al Capone, Philadelpia
Al Capone used as a prison cell with a special dedicated facilities that no other inmates who can receive the facility. Over the past 8 years, Al Capone became a minor king enjoying all the facilities. He could get the food he wants, he likes to read books, and enjoy body treatments that can not be obtained by other inmates. Al Capone is expected to cost more than a million dollars to be able to enjoy the facilities of the prison before he died!

Five Star Prison, Austria
Literally, Five Star Prison same as a five star hotel! Each inmate had access to enjoy their own cells with flat and comfortable mattress. Outside of cells they can exercise, eat good food, read the latest magazines, and do many other fun things that are not likely to be found in Guantanamo prison.

Halden Prison, Norway
Halden prison may not be the most expensive, but became one of the best prison in the world. More stable than previous prisons, Halden Prison is equipped with entertainment facilities 'high level' such as TV, sound system, spacious rooms, well-stocked library, a bar, and even a jogging track! Outside the prison, there is also an additional building for families who wish to visit inmates. Gee, who had a prison facility office mess? Who would not want to?

Otago Correction facilities, South Otago
This prison inmates pamper with VIP facilities. Advantages compared to the Santa Ana jail, prison Otago provides floor heating and flat-screen TVs in every prison wall. In another room there is also a gym and a reading room! Maximum capacity of this prison facility to accommodate 335 inmates and has increased at a cost of more than $ 218 million!! Well, this one even jail so more like mini apartments yea ...

Prison Santa Ana, California
In the Santa Ana Jail, everything really clean! The jail is designed to return the prisoners to the right path, do not be surprised if the management and the people who inhabit this prison orderly and well being friendly.
Oh, yeah, here every inmate occupies spacious rooms and given the freedom to make access to their electronic devices, such as laptops or iPods! Everyday they sleep on a comfortable bed really, watching TV private property, free reading your favorite magazine, and freely take their favorite menu. Uniquely, the Santa Ana jail and each inmate is limited space charge ranging from $ 75 - $ 175 to be able to enjoy all the facilities there. Hmm .. is this a prison or a hotel ? - The World's Most Luxurious Prisons

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