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7 Typical Candies of The Countries in the World

It was not just the great food are the hallmark of a country's culinary, Candy had become distinctive of each country. let's read this article about 7 Typical Candies of The Countries in the World.

 This is actually the typical candy made ​​from dried plums and given li hing powder that tastes sweet, sour, salty. This flavor combination creates a strong sense of who is believed to cure diseases of the throat. The candy was originally only in china and some Asian countries. Then in 1900, this candy was first brought to hawai by an Asian immigrant named Yee Sheong.

 During a stopover in France do not forget ya taste traditional sweets called Nougat. This yummy sweets prepared with sugar or honey, pistachio nuts, almonds, hazelnuts plus other dried fruits. Nougat texture is different, there are no hard soft depending on the materials used. Not only the texture, the color can be different. White nougat made ​​with egg whites, whereas brown nougat is made from sugar caramel and crunchy when chewed.

Still remember the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe is popular is it? in the movie there is a scene where the white edmund forthright Witch that his favorite candy is a Turkish Delight!! confectionery whose real name Lokum or Cyprus delight weve deserve this became a favorite of many people. texture is soft and sticky like jelly plus a small piece of nuts such as walnuts, almonds or walnuts and a sprinkling of powdered sugar around it, make sense of this candy really Legit. Candy that has been produced since the 15th century is derived from the Turkish state. but thanks to the delicacy, turkish delight to be famous all over Europe and the world. even in English, it is nicknamed as hanhish candy because it can make people addicted to eating it.

This candy is a forerunner to the various forms of candy 'sticky gelatin' that popular in many countries! soft candy was invented by Hans Riegel of Bonn in Germany in 1922. the tiny colorful was originally named gummibar or gummibarchen which in English became gummy bear. This candy fame reached the United States country. There gummy bear has 5 distinctive flavors. the raspberry (red color), orange (orange), strawberry (green), pineapple and lemon (yellow).

 Ginger candy is a relatively old-fashioned candy. Speaking candy is not just talking decades ago, but hundreds of years. At least the candy is already recorded in the book Island of Java by John Joseph Stockdale, British travelers, who said, in 1778 the Dutch sent 10,000 pounds (or about 5,000 kilograms) product called candied ginger from Batavia to Europe. The food is popular in Europe because the cure bloating or in scientific terms is called flatulence.

It also fits perfectly candy to keep warm and refreshing throat. Moreover, when the air is cold. The original candy came from Indonesia. Country known as spice producer.

 The origin of Japanese candy. Botan Rice Candy is very soft, chewy, and tastes like lemon rice coated wrapping paper. This candy such as plastic and dry, but if it is they will be eaten candy will melt in your mouth. It is a traditional Japanese sweets, and it is being imported to North America from Japan by JFC International. Botan Rice candy comes in a small cardboard box containing 3/4 oz. (21 grams) candy. Each box contains six individual pieces and stickers. Prior to 1998, each box contains a small plastic toy. Name that candy, Botan (kanji: 牡丹, hiragana: ぼ たん), means 'peony' in Japanese. A peony blooms appear on the label, in addition to Hariko-Inu, traditionally shaped dog toy for Japanese children.

 It is said that a birthday party in brazil children will not be festive if not available sweets made ​​of milk and the cocoa powder. Brigadeiro name himself is taken from the name of the air force general in brazil in 1940, Brigadier Eduardo Gomez. so the story goes, when the candy was first created, Brigadier Eduardo Gomez is famous for successfully rooting out the rebels. so candy was named after the generals to respect his services. it tastes good and interesting shapes make this candy often be frosting on the cake and ice cream.- 7 Typical Candies of The Countries in the World

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