Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Signs of Your Body Lack of Exercises

5 Signs of Your Body Lack of Exercises - When was the last you exercise? If half of below 5 sign you've been through, then there is no reason to leave untouched your dusty sneakers. Below is a condition that can be a 'warning' that it's time you stopped running the intention to delay the exercise:

1. Breathless when climbing stairs
 If used to ride the elevator, try occasionally you 'climb' into the office to use the stairs. No need to the high place, two floors are enough. If your new ride halfway already started panting, then immediately set a schedule for exercise.

When doing heavy physical activity, accelerated pulse and increases the body's need for oxygen. Shortness of breath signifies your body lacks oxygen. Beneficial exercise routine blood circulation and delivering oxygen throughout the body.

2. Prolonged body limp and lethargic
Feeling lethargic and limp that never disappears even after rest, may indicate you are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. One type of treatment recommended by experts is to do exercise. Exercise will help increase oxygen levels in the body and produces endorphins that can bring a sense of excitement and healthy.

3. Often late thinking
 If physical activity is a powerful way to help improve blood circulation throughout the body, including the brain. That way, your brain will get a supply of oxygen and water it needs to function properly. So, the lack of blood circulation can make the brain work smoothly blocked so you have a problem in accessing information.

4. Had trouble sleeping
 Sleep problems such as insomnia is often caused by a psychological disorder that causes the body to rest difficulties. According to Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., author of The Cortisol Connection, sport is an activity that is very effective to relieve stress.

5. Colds
Influenza disease caused by a virus that attacks the body's defense when we are weak. To avoid this, the immune system needs to be strengthened with exercise. Regular exercise is useful improve lymphatic system function and increase levels of leukocytes, the white blood cells in the immune system works to fight infection. - 5 Signs of Your Body Lack of Exercises

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