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11 Signs When Your Body Needs Peace And Serenity

 11 Signs When Your Body Needs Peace And Serenity

Panic can happen at any time and is associated with many things, like finances, work, children or in-laws, friends, etc.. When it comes to panic or be in a distressed situation, then one has the option to fight the panic or flee. At the same time stress hormones will flow through the systems of the body, if not addressed this stress hormones can cause physical and mental damage.

Therefore, in certain circumstances our body also need serenity and free from panic attacks. Make sure you recognize the 11 signs when your body needs serenity. If these signs are already there in yourself means you need serenity.

Here are 11 signs when the body needs serenity that you need to consider include :

1. Feeling dizzy
When panic, one can not think clearly. Adrenalin surge will cause some blood flow diverted from the brain to the muscles and shipped. This will cause a sense of mild headache. If you've often experience dizziness means your body needs serenity.

2. Breathe faster
The muscles of the body need increased oxygen levels in order to function properly when panic. The only way to get a lot of oxygen is to accelerate the process of breathing.

3. Can not sleep
When panic, will appear many thoughts and feelings of anxiety that make a person stay awake aka could not sleep. Have you experienced this?

4. Body feels itchy and eczema appear
Excess of the hormone cortisol when panic will stimulate the release of histamine in the body. This condition will lead to skin rashes or eczema suddenly reappeared.

5. Body sweating
When panic, the heart rate and blood pressure will increase. This causes one to sweat more to keep the body temperature remains stable. If you sweat when in air-conditioned room is almost certain that your body needs serenity.

6. Blurred vision
There are many causes of a person's vision becomes blurred. But when the panic attacks, high blood pressure will make that trigger headaches and cause blurred vision. Your vision can also become dizzy.

7. Become more frequently to the toilet
Some people who suffer from anxiety or panic will make the body lose vitamin B6 and cause a person to urinate frequently. Yet 5 minutes've come to the toilet of course including those of you who are affected by diarrhea.

8. Weight goes up or down
When a panic attack a few people there who are trying to cope with unhealthy eating or just do not have the appetite. This condition makes a person's weight to be increased or even decreased. But mostly downhill or even thinner.

9. Susceptible to thrush
One cause of thrush is a deficiency of vitamin B12, and the trigger can be derived from the stress or panic continuously. Do you often experience thrush? means your body needs serenity.

10. Consume more alcohol
Some people have overcome the panic attack by consuming alcohol, but if excessive consumption will make the body become stressful and exacerbate the condition. God forbid if I touch it, if i look at the alcohol just makes me want to break the alcohol bottle. yes me Anti alcohol. Make sure you do not experience this.

11. Frequent infections
When the body often experience panic, then it implies that the body is always in standby condition. This of course will affect the immune system, making it more susceptible to infection. For example the rain and slightly contracted the flu, got a little heat, then contracted the fever. Means your body needs serenity. - 11 Signs When Your Body Needs Peace And Serenity

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