Friday, October 11, 2013

When Were The Last Time We Complain And Be Grateful ?

 When Were The Last Time We Complain And Be Grateful ?

Wherever you are, let us reflect for a moment and absorb the life that we've got today. Have we to be grateful for all that we have and enjoy today?

Let us look carefully under some circumstances, see and feel with your heart. . .

If we have a high building, luxury Apartment,
try looking at them.

If we think our work saturating,
then what about him?

If we think our salary is low, how about her?
A friend is anyone!
If we think studying is boring,
then what about him?

When we feel hopeless,
Let us think for a moment about this guy

Are we still lazy?
If we are "grumbling" about the transportation systems that exist today. What about them?
Previously when we were kids being pampered and loved,
What about him? Is he seems being pampered?

We often complain about the food that we eat,
then what about him?

Are we still think to yell and fight against our mother?
Have we care about her nicely? anyway in the end we shall be like him, an old, decrepit and senile

And please take a look at the following pictures :

Dear friends. . .
be grateful with what we got now. . . .
and hopefully this little devotional that can remind us all to "The real life giver/God" that always we naive, forget and ignore. - When Were The Last Time We Complain And Be Grateful ?

What is your opinion about this devotional ? comment it below :)
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