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7 Bad Habits of Hard Worker People


7 Bad Habits of Hard Worker People

Today, many people worked very hard forget to rest, especially for office workers. Because the habit of working hard in the office, a person can continue to feel busy even after arriving home. without realizing it, you may work harder and longer to achieve success.

But you certainly know that working too hard can be harmful to health. Earned obtained from the work we do can be run out immediately, if you have illness from too tired to work.

Workaholics, often doing bad things that make their health diminishing from day to day. Here are seven bad habits for the 'workaholic', which need to be removed :

1. Forgot to relax
This can cause stress. And if you take the time to relax for a moment, you can be more alert and motivated. Too much stress or chronic stress actually makes a person unproductive.

2. Eating while on the way
Between meetings, conference calls, and deadlines, often makes one forget to take a healthy lunch. Eating foods also need to be in a state of calm without plagued by anxiety and haste. It is important that the nutritional content of the food consumed easily absorbed by the body and makes a person more productive, especially for creating brilliant ideas for good work.

3. Delaying sleep for work
A super busy professional who also still need to rest as much as seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Loss of sleep can cause irritability, difficulty concentrating, and memory problems. It can also be associated with obesity.

4. There is no time to exercise
Do sports at least 30 minutes every day is very important for the health of current and long-term.

5. Still work when sick
Many people come to the office to work despite being sick. However, there are three important reasons as illness you need to stay at home. First, nobody wants you to be spreading germs and disease in the office. Secondly, you've definitely become less productive and third, you need to rest in order to work better.

6. Drinking alcohol (too much)
Excessive drinking can lead to alcoholism, liver disease, and some forms of cancer.

7. Skipping annual routine medical examination
It is required you do to detect the disease early, prevent others from developing the disease, and get the best care if you have a body condition are susceptible to disease. You need to know what is happening in the body. - 7 Bad Habits of Hard Worker People

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