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The Ants Spiral of Death

The Ants Spiral of Death

Ant is an insect that has an abundance of charm and also the most mysterious creatures on the planet. Did you know that ants could also be mass suicide? Not because of stress or fight against the enemy, but just because something trivial. they form a circle that made themselves trapped and died, and continue to make it until everything is dead or there is another army ants that bother them.

This phenomenon was discovered by Beebe in 1921 while walking in Guyana. He saw the strangeness of army ants separated from the colony, they spin in a circle. the longer the circle formed by the army ant colony separate from the greater because many of the other ants join. they spin like a top in a long time that many of these ants die of thirst or exhaustion. Beebe then recorded it in his book and gave the name "Ants Circle of Death" to the phenomenon. Curious? See the picture below :
"Dancing ants" or "death mill" or "ants circle of death" was first studied by animal psychologist Theodore Schneirla America in 1944.

The ants coming together and start running in a circle. One of the common reference to this phenomenon is connected with an American naturalist William Beebe, who saw and later described this phenomenon in Guyana in 1921. Army of ants moving in a circle with a circumference of 1,200 feet. It took each ant 2.5 hours to complete the loop. This movement lasted for two days until the majority of participants (ant) died.
How did it happen that cycle? An expert explains the beginning there ant ants separated from the colony. Well when separated from the colony, the ants have a simple rule, "follow the ant in front of it". Because ants are separated from each other colonies to follow in the future, then they will form a circle that looks like a black hole. - The Ants Spiral of Death

Ants Circle of Death The Video :

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