Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Invention of Chocolate Chip Cookie

The Invention of Chocolate Chip Cookie

You must know about biscuits Chocolate chips or more popularly known as Choco chips. You know, cookies are crunchy wheat bread sprinkled with small brown granules on it. In this post, I will give an interesting article about the story of the discovery of chocolate chips that apparently happened by accident.
Ruth Wakefield
Chocolate Chips was originally invented by Ruth Wakefield in 1937. Ruth Wakefield staying at a named Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts.

The story, one morning there was Ruth Wakefield melt the chocolate to coat the bread for breakfast for her children (already become a tradition in America that breakfast is typical of American children at that time was bread smeared with liquid chocolate). Ruth took the initiative to cut the chocolate bar into small pieces and spread them on top of the cake and then heated in the hope that the cake itself could melt because of the heat. However, Ruth was wrong allegations of. The chocolate did not melt and instead attached to the bread.

The product failed to make Ruth a little bit disappointed, but disappointment Ruth disappeared after her children just like the failed product cake. She then tried to serve the same fail cake (which became known as Choco chips despite the fact that the inventor Ruth to name this cake Chocolate Crunch Cookie) to the visitors lodging, and it turns out the lodging visitors also liked it. chocochips become the typical fail that used to be served to the visitor in the Whitman's lodging.
In the long run, the cake Chocochips become increasingly well known and became one of the mainstays typical cake of Massachusetts. Ruth's cake recipe was later purchased by the world's leading food companies, Nestle and produced in mass quantities and distributed throughout the world. Choco chips now be known as one of the world's most famous cake. - The Invention of Chocolate Chip Cookie

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