Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Astonishing Facts About Suicide


Astonishing Facts About Suicide

1. In America, men commit suicide four times that of women. Even 78 percent of suicides that occurred in the country of Uncle Sam is done by men.

2. But, based on the same study in America, women are more often attempted suicide than men. Usually by scratching their own hands.

3. The study also mentions that in America, the way suicide is the most widely used is to shooting themselves (for men), and drinking poison (for women).

4. While the suicide of data from around the world proves that the way of "favorites" for the suicide is the hanging.

5. Suicide rates in developed countries is much higher than that of the poor and developing countries.

6. People who are already married more rarely commit suicide than people who are single, divorced, or widowed / widower.

7. Earlier times, people were more "creative" to find ways to commit suicide, such as by swallowing poisonous spiders, thrust hot iron to the throat, injecting peanut butter into the veins, and fell into a pile of beer bottles.

8. Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Beachy Head in England, and the Aokigahara forest in Japan, is the most commonly be the location suicide. The Japanese have even nicknamed the Aokigahara forest as Suicide Forest.

9. Japan is the country with the highest suicide rate, that is 100 people per day. To stop this phenomenon, every family whose members committed suicide, imposed a fine of 100 million yen.

10. Most often committed suicide on Monday, and most rarely happens on Saturday.

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