Friday, October 18, 2013

The Best Time to Enjoy a Warm Cup of Coffee

 The Best Time to Enjoy a Warm Cup of Coffee

Coffee is one drink that is favored by many people. In addition to delicious, coffee also provides benefits to the body. Habit that has been done, the coffee is served in the morning and early evening. However, the question that arises is when the time is right to present a warm cup of coffee?
Professor Charles Spence of the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University.
Research led by Professor Charles Spence of the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University has revealed accurate formula to deliver the benefits of coffee. The recipe was then given the name of the Elevens.

Elevens Formula is a combination of elements of F (flavors), E (environment), P (place), C (Coffee), T (time) and M (moment). Professor Charles then incorporate each element into the formula as follows: M = 0.5 x F + (0.5 x E + 0.3 x P + 0.15 x C + 0.05 x T.

From the results of his research, Professor Spense revealed at 11 am is the best time to present a warm cup of coffee. This result is then written in a report entitled 'Changing Tastes'. "This book also explains how researchers realize the importance of external factors such as environment, interpretation of thoughts about taste and enjoyment.

"Formula describes how to create the perfect moment to serve coffee at home and office. We understand time affect the taste," he said.

He also saw the condition of the motor sensor also affect the interpretation of the time enjoying the taste of coffee, food or other drinks.

Meanwhile, Kevin Gould, Food Futurologist said Professor Spense research done is crucial in order to find true pleasure when eating food or beverages.

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