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The Most Extreme and Strange Weapons In WW2


The Most Extreme and Strange Weapons In WW2

1. Anti-Tank Dogs

The brutality of war can be reflected by the way of fighting. This weapon is a bomb dog strapped on their backs, and are created by the Soviet army, and has been downgraded to destroy more than 300 German tanks during World War II.

How it works is that dogs are taught to find food under tanks (train their instinct that there is always food in the bottom of the tank), and then the dog made ​​starvation before the battle.

After reaching the bottom of the tank, the lever in the back of the dog immediately triggered before long the dogs will explode, destroying German tanks. Germany finally overcome this tactic with flamethrowers.

2. Corkscrew Tanks
Corkscrew tanks do not run like a snake gait, and tanks in general and also not driven by a giant screw. But just like an electric drill on a piece of wood, so the footprint of the tank is what makes the tank seem to sail along the ground. However, in walking towards them somewhat erratic (difficult to control), and the tank should be very light to be useful in combat.

3. Curved Barrel

When there is fighting in the city, hidden in every corner of a group of enemy soldiers. Even with a slight advantage to win the battle, so the variety of weapons are designed so soldiers can see every angle, and they can shoot from behind the protection of a concrete wall.

4. The Russian Tsar Tank
Tsarist Russian tanks are built with two wheels with a diameter of 27 feet, two wheels that pull much smaller behind. These tanks are filled with large and heavy guns, the tanks are designed to conquer any obstacle. The designs are large and high, not suitable for the real war, and the tank can quickly fall.

5. Barrage Balloons
Barrage balloons were hung in hundreds of cities in the UK during World War II. Fly like mine, they will make it difficult for enemy aircraft intending to drop bombs. These balloons are used to threaten the bomber planes to fly low because the wires and incendiary devices inside the balloon. If the bomber is flying low then the British soldiers to fire on the plane freely.

6. Project Habbakuk
With the scarcity of metal towards the end of World War II, Project Habbakuk was an attempt to make a mother ship from pykrete (a mixture of ice and wood pulp). Layer is thick enough to withstand enemy fire, and easily repaired.

Pykrete will enable the construction of large vessels using minimal resources. But the war was over before the ship becomes a reality.

7. Bat Bomb
It's surprising, a prototype bomb bat, even ever made​​. The idea is simple, gives an explosive device on the Mexican Free-tailed Bats, lowering their temperature so that they hibernate on the way to approach an enemy city, and then release it in the enemy city to roost in buildings and homes. At any given time, all the bats would explode and igniting fires throughout the city.

8 . The Goliath Tracked Mine
The Goliath tracked mine was an anti - tank mini remote controlled and brought nearly 200 pounds ( about 90.7 kilograms ) of explosives and will be run lead to the formation of enemy troops or tanks and then detonated . These tanks are created and used by the Germans during World War II and known as beetle tanks by Allied forces .

9 . The Flying Jeep
The flying jeep was created to fulfill a contract to make a light helicopter that can land in any area . Several prototypes were created , but they were never in full production . No matter how good the jeep it looked on paper , look silly fly jeep that gives an indication of why the jeep will not be able to do a good job in the heat of battle .

10 . Flying Aircraft Carrier
Flying aircraft carrier is a view of the war era folks imagination . Many ideas like hoverpacks and flying cars , the idea was never realized , just live in the novel and the show . They have many disadvantages such as easy to be shot down , consumes a lot of fuel , and has a slight advantage against enemy aircraft . - The Most Extreme and Strange Weapons In WW2

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