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9 Drugs That Have Strange Side Effects

9 Drugs That Have Strange Side Effects

When you are sick do you realize what drugs are consumed for a period of healing? Usually enough with a particular drug, you already feel better or even have felt healed. Well this time, chemical drugs can not be protected from the adverse effects, including drugs that have been declared safe for use by the FDA.

However, there are some drugs with side effects that quite strange. And to help you identify and control the side effects of the drug, following 9 drugs with the most bizarre side effects. If you are using one or more of the following medications and experience side effects, immediately consult a doctor.

1. Alli
Alli is the only diet drug, which is sold in the market, which is accepted by the FDA. This drug works by inhibiting the absorption of some of the fat you eat. However, you should reduce your intake of fat if you are using this medicine.


This medicine will cause body fat is not absorbed directly out of the body. That is, if you eat too much fat, the stomach will become bloated, leading to the disposal of difficult to control.

2. Vasotec
Vasotec, a drug that commonly prescribed to treat high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, it also can cause strange side effects. This drug users will lose the ability to feel and smell.

3. Lipitor
Lipitor is a statin drug that resembles commonly used to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Unfortunately, these drugs can also cause amnesia in some cases.

4. Pepto bismol
Do you have your stomach feel heartburn, discomfort or diarrhea? Do you have your can use pepto bismol to handle it. It is also easy to obtain because it is available in the market. However, Do you have your have to be careful, these drugs also cause strange side effects that can be dangerous as well. This medicine can make your tongue black and hairy and makes the defecation disposal proceeds black colored or gray.

5. Chantix
Chantix is a drug that has been proven to help smokers kick their bad habit. However, this drug also bring about various side effects including insomnia. And even if it is asleep, you may be haunted by nightmares.

6. Viagra
You must already know the benefits of Viagra. However, this drug can also cause side effects such as impaired vision, where everything will look blue. This is experienced by John Pettigrew, 58, a plumber from the UK. However, based on his statement, he might overuse this pill too much. So, even if you enjoy it, do not forget to avoid overuse.

7 . Xeloda
Xeloda is a medicine used to treat some types of cancer . As a side effect , this drug can also cause inflammation of the palms of the hands and feet , also known as hand-foot syndrome . Furthermore , this inflammation can lead to thickening and flaking of the skin so that it can remove fingerprints . This is experienced by a user Xeloda cancer patients from Singapore . Men who are called by the name of " Mr . S " This was detained at the airport in the United States because they can not take his fingerprints .

8 . Ambien
Ambien works to help people with insomnia to sleep soundly . However , some users reported that this drug can lead to strange habits like sleep - eating , sleep - sex , and sleep - driving . Some users ambient woke up in the middle of the night in a trance-like condition in a dream and eating , drinking , driving or doing other activities in the middle of the night . They did not even realize what they are doing when awakened .

9. Mirapex
Restless legs can disturb your night sleep. And mirapex, a drug used to treat parkinsonism, is also shown to relieve the symptoms of this disorder as a result.

But, you also need to be careful, some users, as reported foxnews site, reported experiencing some problems including increased appetite and 
increase in sexual desire. If you feel any of these side effects, you should immediately consult a doctor. - 9 Drugs That Have Strange Side Effects

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