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Ways To Remove Acne Forever

Ways To Remove Acne Forever

Acne arising on the face makes a person experiencing a crisis of confidence. Acne is actually easy to avoid as long as we always maintain the cleanliness properly. Sometimes we unconsciously ignore the dirt that is around us, especially those attached to the hand. When we use these hands to touch the face, do not be surprised if within 24 hours of appearing acne on the face.

Here are tips for preventing acne, and get rid if acne had already come:

1. Dermatologist consultation
Doctors can tell what exactly the problem that causes acne. Consult a doctor if the acne often appears and difficult to remove although you've tried all kinds of medications.

2. Do not pop it
When acne arise, do not rub or squeeze acne, especially if it occurs inflammation. With massage, oil production actually increased. To work around this, do the massage on specific points on the face by using tricks such as those in the article Correct And Safe Way To Squeezing Pimples.

3. Avoid cosmetics
If your skin is sensitive to cosmetics that use oil as a raw material, should reduce its usage. Cosmetic use only when there are special events and wipe immediately after the event is over. As an alternative, you can also use water-based cosmetics.

4. Use sunscreen SPF 20
SPF 20 sunscreen lotion shaped can be used to prevent acne. Lotion SPF 20 sunscreen is relatively safe and easy to use. The lotion can also be used for the treatment of acne scars that looks black.

5. Consumption of vitamin
Most needed vitamins for acne skin are vitamins A, C, and E. The third useful vitamins to nourish the skin. Foods that contain the three vitamins include oranges, tomatoes, kiwis, almonds, green leafy vegetables, peppers, melons, and eggs.

6. Reduce activity triggers excessive sweating
Events that trigger excessive sweating such as exercise when the weather is hot can cause acne because the glands produce more sweat. Furthermore, spicy foods and contain too much fat can cause acne.

7. Pay attention to other factors
In addition to hygiene factors, there are a number of things that can cause acne, such as hormonal problems that often occur before or after the coming month, the use of cosmetics that can not be trusted , vitamin deficiency, lack of clean water, and dehydration.

8. Use salicyclic acid and tea tree oil
Try to use a facial cleanser products that contain salicyclic acid and tea tree oil. Cleaning products can be used, among others, face soap, toner, and mask. These products must be used both morning, afternoon, evening, or at night before bed.

9. Consumption of zinc
Zinc (zinc) known to have the ability to control the release of hormones and allows the body to absorb vitamin A. Therefore, many beauty experts recommend the consumption of foods that contain zinc such as fish, oysters, and poultry to prevent the appearance of acne.

10. Consumption of omega-3
Omega fatty acids are believed to be able to care for facial skin that is not inflamed acne and helps prevent the appearance of acne. Foods that contain omega-3 include salmon, mackerel, sardines, and walnuts. In order to be more visible, acne patients are advised eating two servings of fish that contain omega-3 every week. - Ways To Remove Acne Forever

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