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5 Signs You Can Not Control Anger

5 Signs You Can Not Control Anger

There is a difference between someone who is angry with the problems in controlling emotions. Dr.. Redford Williams, professor of psychology at Duke University Medical Center, USA, and author of the book 'In Control' reveals five difference.

If the following signs experienced by you should consult with a psychiatrist or psychologist.

1. Angry because small problems
Anger can have a positive effect. "Often anger tells us to do an action," said Dr. Williams, as quoted from However, if the anger appears and explosiveness just because a small problem, could be a sign that a person has difficulty in controlling his/her temper.

2. Interruptions
Someone who is angry will tend to be impatient person. Especially if a person could not control the anger. The person would be problematic to wait for other people express their opinions. Thing the person does is always interrupting something. Although the person did not say anything and let others talk, fact the person had not listen.

3. Always complaining
According to Dr. Williams, the person who spent the time to complain about the infringement and the lack of other people might have a problem with anger. Some people are angry with harsh words to talk about politics, sports or anything else. All the toxins that come from the same source, namely anger.

4. Hard to forgive
Personal relationships can be a nightmare when someone is having trouble forgiving people who have been hurt in the past. People with anger problems often have difficulty forgiving others. Instead, they continue to come back to experience frustration and resentment painful considering the mistake each time.

5. Reddened face
When emotions are heightened, face may look red. When a red face, when measured with a thermometer in a state of high body temperature. Anger is a clear effect of body and mind. In fact, many studies have shown that people who are angry tend to have high blood pressure and suffered a stroke or heart attack. - 5 Signs You Can Not Control Anger

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