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Top 10 Bizzare Pepsi Flavors

Top 10 Bizzare Pepsi Flavors

1. Pepsi Retro
This type of pepsi can only be found in Mexico, this pepsi was launched in 2008. Pepsi Retro offered in cans, glass bottles can not be returned and the size of PET plastic bottles. Pepsi's flavor taste like sugar in raisins mixed .. not bad huh?

2. Pepsi Cucumber
As the name implies, this Pepsi taste like cucumber. This type of Pepsi sold to the market in the summer of 2007, and only sold in Japan. It feels really fresh, and perfect for summer. "We like to think that people still think cool in the summer. We thought the cucumber is perfect", said a spokesman for Pepsi Japan.

3. Pepsi Azuki
What azuki is? small red azuki bean is used to add a sweet taste to the traditional Japanese pastries and desserts. yes, red beans made taste of pepsi. Pepsi Azuki was introduced to the Japanese market in late October of 2009, and made ​​limited edition.

4. Pepsi Ice Cream
Not much is known about Pepsi Ice Cream, but it is only sold in Russia and tastes like vanilla Ice Cream. looks good.

5. Pepsi Shiso
Pepsi taste of basil leaf color display with bright green color reminiscent of toxic nuclear waste as depicted in the cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Seasoned with basil, aromatic leaves with smell and taste a little like basil. This drink is marketed in Japan during the summer of 2009.

6. Pepsi Gold
This pepsi has a cool color, but do you know what is made of? yes, it is made from ginger. Pepsi Gold is designed to excite the FIFA World Cup 2006. Pepsi then prolong the marketing of this drinks long enough until the convening of the ICC (Cricket World Cup.) Pepsi Gold is sold in a country that loves football like Germany, Finland, Central Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

7. Pepsi Samba
Samba ? You definitely think this drink comes from Brazil. yap, you are wrong that the drink is not sold in Brazil but in some stores in Australia and Spain. Released in the fall of 2005. This type of short-lived Pepsi (failed product) because it was not tasty enough for the australian. This pepsi is made from mango and other sour fruits. These kind of fruits are quite popular in the Middle East, America, and Asia. But not in Australia. Even in Australia, the supermarket provides discounts of up to 15 cents for a 2 liters of Pepsi samba.

8. Pepsi Blue Hawaii
Japan again ~ ~ What's weird about Japan and the taste of Pepsi? Not to mention the colors ... which brings us to the Pepsi Blue Hawaii, which was inspired by the old Elvis movies and flavored with lemon and pineapple. Yoshinoya, the Japanese fast-food chain, include Pepsi Blue Hawaii as one of the three tropical soft drinks are available in the package of Hot & Spicy. They serve it in a weird way ... with pineapple chunks!

9. Pepsi Boom
You can find Pepsi Boom for sale in Germany, Italy and Spain. The only caffeine-free soft drinks that claim, no sugar, and no artificial sweeteners. And do you know about the taste? It's tasteless! so if you drink this, you will feel like drinking soda without any flavorings.

10. Pepsi Baobab
Pepsi with taste of the most bizarre is mostly from Japan (not surprise) because there will be the latest Pepsi. Baobab is the new trendy taste of the Japs Pepsi . Baobab is a fruit that higher vitamin C than oranges and offers more calcium than cow's milk. Good and healthy. Baobab, also known as the Bottle Tree, is a strange tree that comes from South Africa and Australia. The fruit is commonly called "Monkey Bread" has an odd taste for a bottle of soda. - Top 10 Bizzare Pepsi Flavors

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