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Synthetic Trees Replace The Function Of The Original Trees

Synthetic Trees Replace The Function Of The Original Trees

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere. For a school project, twelve years ago, Klaus Lackner suggested his daughter making dust absorber. It turned out that the child's school work ignited a professor of geophysics at Columbia University, USA, was thinking even further.
Klaus Lackner
He then designed the absorber of carbon dioxide from motor vehicles and factory pollution. Named "synthetic tree", a tool that can absorb CO2 a thousand times more than natural trees.

Global Research Technologies Laboratory, Colorado, developed a synthetic tree made ​​from aluminum. And the United States energy commission has approved it. "The ultimate goal of this project is 100 thousand years abbreviate pollution absorption by trees to 30 minutes," said Lackner to CNN.

Synthetic tree-like form of ultraviolet light-absorbing antenna - 30 x 5 meters. Works the same basis, to block the carbon dioxide in the air . Like the original tree, Lackner panels capable of exhaling oxygen. The rest of the carbon can be used for offshore oil drilling machine, hydrocarbon, or aviation fuel.
One synthetic tree can absorb carbon dioxide approximately one hectare, equivalent to 90 thousand tons of CO2 (emissions of 15 thousand cars) in a year. If the synthetic tree can be mass produced and effective working in developed countries, carbon emissions in the world can be reduced by at least one fifth.

Every year there are 29 billion tons of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere: 80 percent comes from motor vehicles. Each 1 gram of gasoline produces 3.14 grams of carbon dioxide. - Synthetic Trees Replace The Function Of The Original Trees
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