Saturday, February 8, 2014

Presidential Cars In 16 Countries

Presidential Cars In 16 Countries

All high-ranking officials in the countries definitely gets car facility for their official travel. Likewise presidents in all countries. U.S. President Obama, after completion sworn in as the 44th President of the U.S. , he was given a limousine facility, known as Cadillac One. This car is used for official travel interests. Cadillac One is specifically designed by the manufacturer General Motors (GM) and is a mix of models cadillac limousine with GM trucks. This car uses a high-tech with its main purpose to protect the safety of the president.

This luxury car is able to load seven passengers, including the president. Type of used tires are pneumatic type designed leakproof, with wheels made ​​of special steel capable of still drove without a tire mounted. The panels are made from a blend of elements of titanium, aluminum and ceramic so it becomes very hard and very durable so bulletproof. Its door the grenade as heavy as the Boeing 757 cabin door and plated 8 inch thick steel. The door is said to not only bulletproof, However the grenade not able to destroy it . Inside the car is equipped with weapons to maintain the safety of the president as tear gas cannon, night cameras, and various other facilities.

Well, if we could have a car like this parked in front of our house, especially if there is a rented house in the front yard of our neighbors. Or let us look at this car came out of the house for rent in your city, you will be amazed for sure.

Let's look at the cars whose from the number one person in their respective country.

Iranian president's car is probably the most simple compared with cars presidents of other countries. Perhaps according to khabar, this is not because the country can not afford to buy the president a good car, but its president is possessed simple nature and uphold the welfare of its people.















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