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The First Photograph Ever Snapped

The First Photograph Ever Snapped

University of Rochester gave an award for making the first photo of man to Louis Daguerre, the inventor of the daguerreotype process. In a photo he took on the Boulevard du Temple, Paris street in 1838.

Louis Daguerre succeeded in capturing a person's image and his boot polisher in the corner of a street. This photo was deserted because of Daguerre's process, among others by exposing a metal plate is chemically treated for several minutes. If someone or something moving object, then it will not appear in this daguerreotype photograph images.

Incidentally, while the result of the process was a familiar-looking photograph, the act of making a "Daguerreotype" was quite different to snapping a Kodak camera, let alone an Instagram. The plate was made by exposing a silver-plated copper sheet to the vapour made by iodine crystals. The latent image was developed using the vapour given off by heated mercury.

The result was an image that was both reversed, and had to be lit at a certain angle so that the smooth parts of the mirror-like picture reflected something dark. The process was still in use by the 1860s, but it was eventually replaced by newer forms of more advanced photography.

But because the man in this photo is relatively not moving when the picture was taken, he was seen in the images. So thus this people deserve the award as the first to successfully photographed and became the world's first auto models. - The First Photograph Ever Snapped

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