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Mysterious Snake In the Queen Elizabeth's Hand

Mysterious Snake In the Queen Elizabeth's Hand

Mysterious picture of a snake coiled up in the 16th century painting depicting Queen Elizabeth I, stated the National Portrait Gallery in London. According to the researchers, the snake was in the original version depicted on the queen's finger . But the snake picture looks like considered less suitable so by the artist at the last minute to be replaced by painting a bunch of roses.

Now, after many years later, the snake appeared again as inedible aged painting and tarnished the roses image . The painting was created by an unknown artist in the 1580s or early 1590s. This painting has not been on display at London gallery since 1921 but will be part of an exhibition entitled The Changing Faces of Elizabeth I.
According to the curator of the gallery, a snake is sometimes used to symbolize wisdom, the wisdom and power of judgment, but the scaly creatures are also linked with Satanic symbols and original sin. Well, the painter may remove the snake emblem for the reason that two different senses. Snake is in the grip of queen but has greenish blue scales and almost certainly painted based on imagination as more like a dragon than a actual snake.
In the X-ray photography was also found another woman's face whose identity is unknown. The unidentified woman's face facing the opposite direction and in a higher position than the queen's face. Eyes and nose on the forehead of her face covered by Queen Elizabeth.

Photogallery sure that the woman's face is the earlier works by painters who closed with the queen face painting. It shows how the paintings of the 16th century is sometimes recycled by artists. The unidentified woman who appeared wearing a French hood, fashionable clothing with the 1570-1580's. This means that there is an interval of a few years before the painting was recycled back to paint the portrait of Elizabeth. - Mysterious Snake In the Queen Elizabeth's Hand

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