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Why Don't We Just Eradicate All the Mosquitoes ?


Why Don't We Just Eradicate All the Mosquitoes ?

The extinction of the creatures surely have an impact on the ecosystem as a whole. Mosquitoes are one of the insects that have been around since the time long ago. Researchers estimate, these insects have lived side by side with the other creatures on this earth since 100 million years ago. Of the more than 3,500 species of mosquito in the world, there are really only hundreds of species that infect humans. But undeniably, mosquitoes become one of the main enemies because transmit deadly diseases.

Various efforts ever undertaken by humans to eliminate mosquitoes, especially certain types that transmit the disease. Most of it is still limited research in the laboratory, but the outlook is promising.

One of them was made by a team from the University of Oxford. Genetic engineering team successfully created male mosquitoes that if marrying the female mosquito will produce wingless mosquitoes.

Although it can bite, the mutant mosquitoes can not fly because they do not have wings. Because female mosquitoes have to fly to be able to drink the blood, eventually mosquitoes can not breed and become extinct.

With the same technology, a team from the University of Arizona also produced anopheles mosquitoes resistant malaria virus. Although not intended to exterminate mosquitoes, it also aims to eliminate malaria.

If the mutant mosquitoes could be mass produced and released into the nature and causes of extinction, such as the impact of what would happen?

Quoted from Nature, the greatest impact of mosquito extinction will occur in tundra habitat (ice field) at the north pole. The venue is the biggest hotbed for mosquito species Aedes impiger and Aedes nigripes, migratory birds will be reduced by 50 percent due to a decrease in the bird's favorite foods.

Migration of other animals will also be affected, among other similar caribou or reindeer. Thousands of caribou that were previously avoiding mosquito bites will invade the tundra region, followed by the wolves who are the main predators of the caribou.

Species of mosquito-eating fish, Gambusia affinis also endangered if the mosquitoes are gone. The extinction of the fish is a little more would also have an impact on the food chain that occurs in freshwater.

Moreover, larvae or mosquito larvae also play a role in the decomposition of organic waste. While in a puddle of water, the larvae get nutrients to grow from the remains of decaying plants.

However, many of the judge, the impact of which occurred in the ecosystem is comparable to the death rate in humans from mosquito bites. Malaria, for example, recorded 247 million deaths worldwide each year.

Moreover, experts believe, the various types of insectivores (insect eaters) will not be too difficult to adapt to switch prey on other insects if it were no mosquitos. As for the decomposition of organic waste, the role of mosquito larvae is not indispensable because there are many other types of decomposers. - Why Don't We Just Eradicate All the Mosquitoes ?

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