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11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Here is a list of plants that repel mosquitoes:

1. Geranium flowers / vinca
These plants contain a substance that is easy to fly in the air around it. Geranium can very easily grown in pots or directly on the ground.

2. Lavender flowers
This plant is native to alpine swiss country. Purple, clustered tip of the stem. These plants usually adorn the meadows at the foot of the Alps . But the mosquitoes strongly dislike, because the scent of this flower makes mosquitoes dizzy. Why? Because lavender containing linalool and lynalyl acetate. Both of these substances can be obtained from the distillation process to be made ​​into a mosquito repellent.

Do we have to refine lavender? no, we just plant it in a pot or in the ground near the window of our room.

3. Rosemary flowers
The flower scents such as talon oil . But mosquitoes do not like it, mosquitoes can be stressful and unwilling to approach. These plants will grow well in the sun and need adequate water. Rosemery flowers planted in pots or suitable land near a window or near the door.

4. Basilikum
Basil, or Basilikum (Ocimum) is a class of herb that is used leaves, flowers, and seeds as a spice and a refreshing (tonic). Various parts of this plant distinctive smell and taste, sometimes unpleasant, fragrant, or sweet, depending on the cultivar. Some of them can even make drunk. This plant is also useful to repel mosquitoes. Several types of basil, comes from Southeast Asia, but mostly ascribed to the Indian subcontinent.

5. Citrosa mosquito
This plant is the enemy of mosquitoes and very fond of sunlight. Take care of it is pretty easy and does not require any special treatment, just with water and fertilizer. When touched, the plant put out very strong lemon smell that will repel insects. This plant comes from the Netherlands.

6. Mintrosa of lady diana
Almost the same as cintrosa plant, this plant is also very hated by mosquitoes. Treatment is very easy and usually used as an ornamental house plants. This plant also put out scent or smell very strong that hated by mosquitoes.

7. Marigold
Marigolds are from Mexico and Guatemala. There are two types of marigold namely Tagetes erecta (African Mari ¬ gold) and Tagetes patula (French Marigold Dwarf), usually used to be planted flowers in the garden path.

8. Etlingera Elatior
Etlingera eliator is a kind of herb plants and annual plants which flower-shaped herb, fruit, and seeds are used as a vegetable. This flower can also repel mosquitoes.

9. Zodia
Papuan People used to rub the skin with certain leaves before entering the forest. That is to be protected from insect attack, particularly mosquitoes. The leaves come from a plant called zodia (Evodia suaveolens). We know, this zodia native to Indonesia from Papua.

10. Cymbopogon Nardus
Cymbopogon nardus has been known as one of the ingredients that are often used as a spice in cooking, but there are other benefits that are not less important which is as a mosquito repellent plants. This plant is not liked by mosquitoes because of the presence of substances geraniol and citronellal. Extracts of Cymbopogon nardus
also been used in the manufacture of mosquito repellent lotion with a rich aroma.

11. Vetiveria zizanioides
This plant can control the dengue fever mosquito populations. Dengue mosquito, supposedly very afraid of this plant. A distinctive odor that comes out of this plant is quite lethal to mosquitoes that type.

If you want to repel mosquitoes was able to use the plant as a substitute for other mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent plants can also be a powerful weapon of mosquito repellent. In addition to safe for health, good for the environment and also really beautiful to decorate the room. - 11 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

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