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Playing Tetris Could Reduce Bad Memories

Playing Tetris Could Reduce Bad Memories

Do you remember the Block stacking game, Tetris? Apparently, according to research scientists from Oxford University, this game has other benefits that can reduce bad memories.

The research team found, playing a Tetris after traumatic events could reduce the bad memories. When compared to other games Pub Quiz Machine 2000, a word-based game, the effect of trauma even worse.

In experiments on healthy volunteers, the research team broadcast horrific images from a number of sources, including video ads that illustrate the dangers of driving drunk.

Evidently, those who play the Tetris experience flashbacks of bad memories that are much lower than those who did not do anything. Meanwhile, they were asked to play a game Pub Quiz actually experiencing flashbacks are much more frequent.

When the waiting period is extended up to 4 hours, those who play the Tetris experience flashbacks are much lower. Even so, in each test, the entire group is still able to recall specific details of the film were screened.

"These findings suggest that Tetris is quite effective as long as it is played within four hours after the watching the film traumatic concerned," said Dr Emily Holmes of Oxford University, as quoted by TG Daily, 19 November 2010.
Dr Emily Holmes
"Playing Tetris can reduce flashback-type memories without removing the ability to remember the event and proved also that not all computer games offer a positive side effect like this," she said. "Some of the other games even give a bad effect on people around the handling of traumatic memories," she said.

The research team found recognize shapes and shifting blocks of various colors in Tetris compete to use the same information channel with traumatic memories in the brain. Consequently, flashbacks of the images is reduced.

As if playing a game that answers common questions such as Pub Quiz actually trigger flashbacks bad memories came back. Scientists believe, based computer game that sparked verbal memory in visual perceptual channel which then improves the appearance of the bad memory flashbacks.

"Although this research is still experimental stage and treatment using the game can not be implemented in the near future, but we are beginning to understand how memory is formed after trauma or flashbacks," said Holmes. "And now we can use science to explore new methods of treatment," she said. - Playing Tetris Could Reduce Bad Memories

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