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4 Amazing Hand-shaped Monuments


4 Amazing Hand-shaped Monuments

There are many hand-shaped monuments throughout the world, most of all the monuments as if reaching for the sky on it as if to escape life underground. Some even look scary, this is the fourth best hand-shaped monument from around the world

1. Mano del Desierto
The 11-meter high monument named Mano del Desertio which can be found buried in sand in the Atacama desert, Chile. This monument has been around since 1992 and is made from a combination of iron and cement, a giant hand is designed and built by a sculptor named Mario Irarrázabal of chile, which also makes the monument 'The Drowned' which will be discussed after this.

2. The Drowned
 This monument was also designed by Mario Irarrázabal in 1982, built to warn people about the dangers of drowning in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and I'm sure this monument will surely make people stay away from the water.

3. A Hand Monument in the middle of Saskatoon
The monument is difficult to find detailed information, which you can definitely find it somewhere in Saskatoon, Canada, near the local university. This monument maker is unknown, which clearly this monument is horrific.

4. Hand of Harmony
This monument is one of the monuments on the beach Homigot in North Korea, despite the communist country's notoriously closed but this is quite famous monument. Made of bronze and granite in 1999 and it is a symbol of "the struggle and spirit of all Koreans to pursue a better life". - 4 Amazing Hand-shaped Monuments

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