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12 Most Beautiful Ruins On Earth

12 Most Beautiful Ruins On Earth

The ruins of the building is no longer a gathering of ghosts spooky place in legend. Often ruins are now left as is to preserve the existing beauty and eventually become a beautiful tourist attraction. Ruins that existing often is proof of the grandeur of the nation's history that built the original places that existing.
From these ruins, often we can find the historical facts of the various items that you can still meet there. 12 existing ruins below are the ruins of the most beautiful that we can visit in various countries.

1. Machu Picchu (Peru)
The most famous ruins of all the Inca ruins. Machu Picchu seemed to be in between two mountain peaks, often shrouded in fog. These ruins can not be seen from the Urubamba Valley below, this place was built by the Incas without using the wheel. Machu Picchu was built around the 15th century, but this place is not at all recorded by the Spanish Conquistador, who turns out to destroy the place in 1530. The place is also still unknown destination development, although a lot of signs that the place has a cult centers. Until now many archaeologists continue to search for evidence of the purpose of the construction of the place, because the Incas did not leave have writing systems, then there is no written report on the spot.

2. Babylon (Iraq)
The ruins are located about 90 km from the city of Baghdad, the city's original name was "Bab-ili" which means "gate of the gods". The city is widely known in the days of the classical era, a beautiful city with the "Hanging Gardens" which included one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The city stands as the center of government and culture, and succeeding for about 15 centuries, since the arrival rate Amor (around 1850 BC) to Alexander the Great, who died there in 322 BC. Hammurabi (1892-1750 BC), one of the greatest rulers in Iraq also made ​​this city as a center of government.

3 . Palenque ( Mexico )
The ruins of Palenque is one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in Mexico and Central America . The town is built on a cliff with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico , Palenque as if hidden in the tropical forests in the foothills Tumbala , Chiapas , Mexico . Although analysis of the pottery pieces stating that the area had been inhabited starting around 100 BC , but most of the remaining buildings built in approximately 6 to 10 century AD . The rulers of this city is Pacal , who came to power in 603 AD , and make a variety of innovative buildings that survived even more powerful than age 68 years ranging Pacal . One of the remarkable building is the Palace , both the walls and ceilings of this palace filled with carvings depicting the ceremonies and activities of rulers and the gods , so that we can you estimate what life was the Maya of the era .
Until now only 34 of a possible 500 buildings that were freed from the barrow , who knows you can follow freeing one more ?

4. Ayutthaya (Thailand)
Ayutthaya, in Sanskrit means 'invincible' is not as popular as Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket, but is one of the areas in Thailand are frequently visited by tourists who want to see the famous ruins.
At their peak, the capital of Ayutthaya is busy with a reputation that reaches many countries. According to historians, the development of Ayutthaya, even surpassing the various capitals in Europe. The city is so prosperous Burma (now Myanmar), neighboring countries, so jealous and finally managed to burn and loot the city. Although the city is now in ruins, but still very beautiful, and is now protected as the Ayutthaya Historical Par.

5. Colosseum (Italy)
One result of the work of the Romans, at the same time is the most famous ruins in the world, the original name is Flavian Amphitheatre this building, is building an elliptical amphitheater in the center of Rome, Italy.
The largest building in the Roman era is able to accommodate 50,000 spectators, is used as gladiatorial contests and public performances. Various performances, such as mock battles, executions, re-up performances famous battles, as well as various dramas based on mythology on display here. More than 50,000 people and animals die in this place
Although now the damage portion of the building is said to occur due to the earthquake, but at least managed to keep this building standing just a little damage, and thus become one of the buildings that managed to make a breakthrough in the resist earthquakes.

6. Tikal (Guatemala)
Tikal is the largest archaeological site in the world at the same urban center in the middle of the Pre-Columbian Maya culture. The site is located in the archaeological area in Peten Basin, Northern Guatemala. This site is part of the Tikal National Park and in 1979 was within protection of UNESCO.
Tikal is one of the cultural centers and ethnic populations Maya. Monumental buildings on the site was built in the fourth century AD. Tikal reached its peak around the year 200-900 AD, and in this period, Tikal dominates the cultural, political, economic and military Mayans, while continuing to interact with a variety of ethnic groups, including Teohuatican in Mexico.
After periods of Tikal was defeated by Teohuatican in the fourth century AD, Tikal has decreased, there was even a castle on fire. A variety of evidence indicates that the city is becoming more and more deserted until finally abandoned in the 10th century AD.

7. Chichén Itzá (Mexico)
Largest archaeological sites of pre-Columbian era built by the Mayans. Chichen Itza was built in the northern peninsula of Yucatan, Mexico. This area is a major center point in the Classical Age. Chichen Itza was built with a variety of architectural styles are considered to be the result of acculturation of the various cultures that exist in the area.

8. Parthenon (Greece)
It is the temple of the goddess Athena, built in the 5th century on the Acropolis. This building is the most important buildings which managed to survive in the Classical Greek period, and considered as the peak of the development of Classical Greek culture. At this time, the Ministry of Culture of Greece is running a program to restore and reconstruct the building.

9. Monastery Trinidad (Paraguay)
The monastery is located 25 km from Encarnacion, on the route that leads to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, is the most interesting building in the history of Christian mission to Paraguay. Trinidad is a city founded by the locals who came from San Carlos. The main architect of this building is the priest Juan Bautista Prímoli of Milan and the Catalan Jose Grimau. The church built in this place is said to be the largest and most beautiful church in the whole of Paraguay (in its prime time)

10. Copan (Honduras)
Copan is the largest and most impressive in the entire center of the Maya culture. There are several pyramids, temples and 21 stone pillars, or stelae, carved faces with various kings of Copan.

11. Palmyra (Syrian)
Palmyra, located in the heart of Syrian Desert, often described as the "bride of the desert". The rest of the existing building to witness penance Queen Zenobia is a heroic leader. Palmyra is set up near the hot springs Afqa, is ideal as a stopover point trade route between Iraq and Al-Sham (now the Syrians, Lebanon, Jerusalem and Jordan).
The strategic location of this area plus very attractive prosperity of the Roman troops, who eventually took over the city in the early years AD. Expert arkeolgis until now explore the area to find the remnants of the palace buildings queen Zenobia.

12. Talisay (Philippines)
One of the buildings in Talisay City is a large house which was built by the king of sugar in the late 19th century, and not just once, but twice to be destroyed in the second world war, to prevent the Japanese did not take advantage of the building. The rest of the existing buildings still show the beauty of the great mansions. - 12 Most Beautiful Ruins On Earth

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