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Why People Can Sleep In a Noisy Place ?

Why People Can Sleep In a Noisy Place ?

There are people who can sleep in a noisy train by huckster. There are also people who can sleep in a noisy airport. How could that be? Jeffrey Ellenbogen of Harvard Medical School have the answer.
Jeffrey Ellenbogen (Left)
Ellenbogen and his team collected a dozen people who claim to be able to sleep in a noisy environment. The twelve men were staying for 3 nights at the laboratories of the Harvard Medical School. The first night, they sleep in a quiet environment. Two nights later, made ​​a noisy room with a variety of sounds - including jet noise and toilets - when everyone was asleep.

Based on the reading of brain waves, the researchers found that the brain has a special section called spindles, a fast brain waves, which block the sound so that people can remain dormant.

Then why still many people woke up to the sounds? The researchers also gets that the number of spindles in each person is different. "The results of the reading brain waves, more and more people have the spindles, the more immune to noise," said Ellenbogen. "Still a mystery why everyone can have a different number of spindles," admitted by Ellenbogen .

The results of this study can be used as a reference for creating a system of treatment for people who have trouble sleeping. Waking at night many times for a variety of sounds has become a common problem, so the study concluded. "We can add to the process of making the spindle and use it as an effort to prevent disturbances during sleep," said Ellenbogen.

In the meantime, said Ellenbogen, the results of this research will be the number of spindles used to determine a person's level of tolerance to noise. - Why People Can Sleep In a Noisy Place ?

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