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Lofoten, A Small Town In The Wondrous Arctic Circle

Lofoten, A Small Town In The Wondrous Arctic Circle

Lofoten Islands in Norway lies north of the Arctic Circle.

Lofoten in Norway is known for its incredible natural beauty but the extraordinary worldwide reputation seemed yet. Located at 68-69 degrees latitude of the Arctic Circle and affected by temperature anomalies Artic, Lafoten certainly already qualified to be one of the places with outstanding natural scenery beautiful on the planet. Not to mention the atmosphere provide peace for the visitors.

It made Lafoten into a city called "An Arctic Paradise"
We can find a lot of the seas in the group water coral reefs in the world.

There are millions of sea birds with many species such as sea eagles, cormorants and Puffin. There are also species of beaver and deer.
The residents around giving name to one of the islands known as Vestvågøya and other islands, Flakstadøya, which means wolf legs because the island is shaped like a wolf footprints. Now, the entire region is known as the Lofoten archipelago and includes regions Nordland county in Norway.
Due to the unique climate, Lafoten was the center of the largest cod fishery for more than a thousand years ago.

Cod fish migrate south from the Barents Sea gathered in Lofoten to spawn and fishing in the same industry have long made ​​use of it. For centuries Norway is a place where a large number of cod exported to most of Northern Europe.
Even the line of islands consists of natural walls with a height of about 1,100 meters. Mountains and cliffs on the north side Vestfjord protect the area. But what really creates anomalous Arctic circle? The answer is the Gulf Streams together with Norway and the North Atlantic Current. Seeing gently flowing river alone is enough to make us wonder if we are really inside the Arctic Circle.
Lofoten is also famous for its beautiful stretch of sandy beach. But there is a danger that is ready to haunt. Attach Malström known as tidal vortex in the western Lofoten. But the beach is generally safe .

Lofoten Islands is the northernmost place in the world where the average temperature is above zero throughout the year. In January the average temperature of -1.5 C and in the summer months have an average of 13 C for 24 hours throughout the day. The hottest temperature ever recorded was 30.4 C.
There are 3 local airports which respectively serve no more than 100 people each day. Quite surprising for an islands with extraordinary beauty. UNESCO has long named Lofoten as a World Heritage Site. - Lofoten, A Small Town In The Wondrous Arctic Circle

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